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A platform that keeps your fundraising compliant with the latest regulations


Be compliant from the get-go with a software that builds in compliance at every opportunity. Using our offering memorandum wizard, you can configure offering types by Reg D 506(b), 506(c), Title III, Reg S, Reg A, and more. You can even apply multiple offering types while raising capital for a single deal or a fund.

Offer your investors a smooth process for accreditation through your portal when needed and manage control over which deals investors can gain access to reviewing and investing in.

Get your investors to check all the boxes before making any moves. We’ll ensure every investor consents to your terms and has reviewed any required information before being able to invest on your portal.

What Our Clients Say

  • Ryan
    GroundBreaker has enabled us to grow our business, reduce our costs, provide better service to our clients and remain at the cutting edge of the evolving world of online capital formation.

    — Scott Byron Call Director, Living Heritage Homes

  • testimonial
    I would recommend GroundBreaker to any Real Estate Firm that wants to automate the sales of their equity or debt offerings.

    — Sandy MacDougall President, CrowdTrustDeed

  • Fabian
    GroundBreaker's value extends well beyond their software. They deliver an expertise that allows our business to scale.

    — Eric Hansen Co-Founder and CEO, Commercial Funding Exchange (CFEX)

Real estate fundraising compliance software

Groundbreaker’s compliance software for real estate private fundraising is integrated with our full suite of fundraising software. Have peace of mind when publishing your offerings by having compliance built from the ground up in our system. Our platforms provides tools for KYC (know your customer) AML (anti-money laundering) bad actor checks, disclosures, and private placement signing. Along with built in system to be compliant with most rules and regulations. From regulation A, Regulation D, Regulation S, Title II and Title III.

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